Providing your workforce with a safe and comfortable work environment is always a good operational strategy.

We provide infrastructure solutions that inspire a productive work-site. We will design, deliver, install and manage the work-site to meet client specifications and timelines no matter how deep in the bush that work-site may be. We will custom design your work site to be strong, secure and efficient to meet every need. Below you will find details on some common solutions.

Modular Structures

Modular Buildings

These units are designed for versatility to accommodate current and growing operational needs. Both energy and budget efficient, these high-quality buildings are designed with productivity in mind and manufactured in a plant to minimize delays. Ensuring that they are where and when you need them

Office Trailers

Office Trailers

Performance and convenience makes for efficient work. Office trailers offer mobile and multi-functional space to make sure the job gets done no matter what the location. These versatile office units can be combined and stacked to create an organized, multi-level work environment.

On-Site Housing

Workforce Housing

No matter the size of your workforce, we’ll provide the accommodations to fulfill your needs and the needs of your employees. We understand what people need in order to give 100% into the work that they do. Our modular housing is designed with their comfort and safety as the top priority to improve the quality of living while on the job.

On-Site Facilities

On-site Facilities

We offer infrastructure solutions for all facilities necessary to accomplish long-term projects. To be utilized as stand-alone units or a variety of other utility structures.

Kitchen Trailers, Washcars, Mine dry facilities, Power, Wastewater